Conscious Wealth

Available for preorder now. Publication date is October 25, 2021.

Conscious Wealth: Money, Investing, and a Financial Awakening for the Person Who Has It All by Brandon Hatton, CAP, CRPC, is for those who wake up one day and realize they have everything they always wanted and yet discover that it is not enough. Those with unlimited financial means are, ironically, often still operating from a place of scarcity. They are unaware of the negative stories they have built up around money and are unable to differentiate between being rich (having a lot of money) and being wealthy (having money but also a positive connection with self, with others, and with the bigger world).

Falling back on the lessons learned during his own journey, Brandon provides a clearly illustrated mindset around money and a framework around investments, both of which allow readers to focus on what matters most during their wealth creation journey.

Brandon helps others achieve not only stronger family communication and healthy personal interactions with money but also a desire and ability to impact the greater world through investments and a Conscious Wealth philosophy.

Hatton enjoys the fulfillment that working with people brings and helping individuals and families come to heal around their money stories while also reveling in the rules-based, methodical nature of portfolio-building and wealth maintenance.