Gathering around the Table: A Story of Purpose-Driven Change through Business

In 2007 Kari Warberg Block gained a patent for the country’s first botanical-based no-kill system of pest control and, in that moment, began changing the environmental landscape forever. But the road to this sort of impact didn’t come without a few challenges along the way. A farm wife who once lived off the land and worked tirelessly to raise her two children, Kari had the grit and tenacity to tackle every fight that came her way. But those battles weren’t just about victory. They also became about finding clarity around her purpose, her integrity, and how far she was willing to go to make a difference in the world that didn’t easily want to be changed. From losing her land to losing her life, Kari shows us, through her beautiful storytelling, what it means to see life through the lens of making an impact worth leaving behind.

Gathering around the Table shows the importance of value-based decision-making as the foundation of conscious leadership, and demonstrates how navigating obstacles from a place of personal beliefs and strong morals can lead to businesses—and lives—filled with prosperous financial growth, greater social impact, and deep personal fulfillment.