Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line: And Build Your Brand on Purpose

Corporate America has a problem. Workers are disengaged, corporations are distrusted, and executives are confined to proving their worth by delivering ever-improving profits and shareholder value. It’s not a system that encourages visionary leaders, engages employees, or builds stakeholder loyalty. It’s a broken system, but we have reached the perfect moment to change it for the better. People are hungry for meaningful work with employers who are making a difference in the world. And leaders are beginning to feel the pressure to demonstrate a significant purpose behind their companies’ work. Executives who are able to shift their focus from solely improving the bottom line to the company’s long-term health and non-monetary impact on the world are realizing success. Savage ThinkingĀ® is an ideology and methodology that walks leaders like these through the practicalities of making a switch that is simple in theory, although a challenge in practice. Instead of focusing on the bottom line, it flips traditional thinking and focuses on Purpose first. In this new way of thinking, Purpose – the core reason a company exists – becomes the benchmark against which all success is measured. Purpose provides the foundation for a company’s strategic planning, its operations, its people, and its brand. Purpose drives Performance. Performance drives Profits.