The Moonshot Guidebook: A Launchpad to Your Higher Purpose

The Moonshot Guidebook—initially a visioning tool for BIGGBY Home Office employees—will help you to refine a vision for your life by helping you to establish your Moonshot!

What’s a Moonshot?

It’s a concise statement of what you want your life to build toward, whether that’s a world-shaking accomplishment or getting to the point where you’re living your perfect day every day! You will also develop your Lunar Landscape—a detailed vision of what life will look like once you have accomplished your Moonshot, helping to make your Moonshot that much more real in your mind.

The Moonshot Guidebook provides a step-by-step plan to launch your goals:

• Answer questions about different areas of life to help you build a detailed vision
• Write out the first of many iterations of your Moonshot and Lunar Landscape
• Create a Flight Plan to leverage your strengths and go to work on your weaknesses
• Climb to the Stars: create a plan to achieve your Moonshot
• Use the Weekly Mission Sheets to accomplish short-term goals that connect directly to your Moonshot
• Review what you’ve accomplished every four months to further refine your vision

The Guidebook also provides examples of others’ work to help you get there, along with advice in case you get stuck.

Take control of your future today!