Collegiate Partnerships

Today's students are the next generation of business leaders.

They care about raising awareness, building trust, taking responsibility, and affecting their companies and our world with positive progress. With Conscious Capitalism as a framework, students are equipped to address the world’s most pressing issues in the most conscious and effective way.

Conscious Capitalism, D.C. (CCDC) is actively engaging local universities in the following ways:

  • Creating university communities where young minds can learn, create, and collaborate on business for good.
  • Connecting students to CCDC business partners for meaningful internships.
  • Engaging university student consulting teams with real world business projects offered by CCDC business partners.
  • Co-conducting meaningful research in CSR, ESG and the ROI of deploying Conscious Capitalism tenets in regional businesses.
  • Providing well-established business leaders and Conscious Capitalists as speakers to university classes and alumni events.

Please contact us to learn more about how Conscious Capitalism, D.C. can support your university’s goals.


Learn About Conscious Capitalism

Are you interested in learning more about Conscious Capitalism? Do you want to get credit for your school while doing so? If so, then check out the EdX course on Conscious Capitalism.


Invite a Speaker to Your Class or Club

If you’re interested in bringing a Conscious Capitalist to speak to your class or your club, let us know by sending an email to Charlie Kerr.


Start a Business School Chapter

If you’re a student at a Business School and would like to start a chapter of Conscious Capitalism, let us know by sending an email to Charlie Kerr.

Our Collegiate Partners