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We’re here to help you evolve and progress in your Conscious Capitalism journey. In addition to reading our content, we encourage you to use the tools below as practitioner resources.

Downloadable Overviews


Essentials of Conscious Capitalism

A framework to support business leaders while they elevate humanity through good, ethical, and noble business practices.


Credo and Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture, Conscious Leadership

I’m a conscious capitalist and need a little assistance in implementing the tenets of conscious capitalism in my business. Can you help?

Yes! First published in the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide, the Conscious Business Summary Audit is the tool developed by Raj Sisodia to help conscious business leaders focus their energy and measure the progress of their organizations in their conscious business journey.

Use the links to download the various versions of the audit for your own personal use.

Do you have an instructional series on how to deploy Conscious Capitalism?

We’ve got several online videos to help those on the CC journey to explore the tenets. We also have an extensive collection of video stories and case studies that demonstrate how other Conscious Capitalists have deployed the four tenets in their businesses.

I would love to get involved with the chapter. What are the next steps?

We welcome all businesses and individuals committed to their Conscious Capitalism journey.  Please contact us at and a member of our team will reach out to discuss how you can engage with CCDC.


Learn About Conscious Capitalism

Are you interested in learning more about Conscious Capitalism? Do you want to get credit for your school while doing so? If so, then check out the EdX course on Conscious Capitalism.