We are what we see. We are what we hear. We are what we feel. We are what we buy – and don’t buy.

Laura Hall


, WHYZ Partners

Laura Hall is a global retail executive with a strong creative bent – bringing over 30 years of experience to the business of fashion and retail consumer goods. She left her last corporate role as President of Accessories for Polo Ralph Lauren in order to advise other global consumer goods companies. Having sat in their seat and been through most of the same challenges and opportunities, she brings a unique combination of experience, perspective, and purpose-driven business thinking. Laura is a respected female voice for socially responsible business practices that resonate with today’s Millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

Most recently, Laura – along with two other female C-Suite business leaders – founded WHYZ Partners (www.whyzpartners.com). WHYZ is a different kind of consumer goods consultancy: offering real world/real time expertise in merchandising, manufacturing, marketing, unified commerce, and sustainability. A primary mission at WHYZ is to partner with clients to empower the next generation of retail executives to create an ecosystem of extraordinary businesses and business leaders – under the purpose of promoting the ideals of financially and socially responsible business practices.

Most recently, as a founding author for Conscious Capitalism Press, Laura has published a children’s book titled ‘The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs’: Create a Business, Make Money, Change the World’.