2019: A Year for Growing Conscious Capitalism

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In the spirit of tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, I want to share my love and appreciation for all of you who are Conscious Capitalists, working to elevate humanity through business and build the Conscious Capitalism movement.

2018 was an incredible year for Conscious Capitalism. We had our largest gathering of Conscious Capitalists to date, our first international conference, the opening of new communities of Conscious Capitalists now totaling 50 communities in over 14 countries, new programs to help business leaders implement the four tenets of CC at their companies, and more media attention for Conscious Capitalists than ever before.

What I want to share with you now is not what we have done, though. It’s what we’re going to do. Because as great as 2018 was, we have far greater plans to build the Conscious Capitalism movement in 2019:

We are building community locally, regionally, and globally.

Building Community

  • Locally: Conscious Capitalists are in over 14 countries around the globe building local communities to advance Conscious Capitalism. These chapters and communities are introducing Conscious Capitalism to new audiences and deepening their own practice and understanding of CC. You can find many of them in a single location online now.
  • Regionally: The 2018 Conscious Capitalism European Conference was our first foray into growing communities regionally outside the US. In 2019, the Conscious Capitalism network is growing with 3 Regional Conferences outside the US underway in Brazil (next month!), Europe and India.
  • Globally: The 2018  Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference was the largest Conscious Capitalism gathering ever; and in 2019, we’re putting together an even bigger and better CCAC for the global Conscious Capitalism movement in Phoenix, Arizona. And I am pleased to share that the 2019 CEO Summit will be themed around Raj Sisodia’s new book, coming out the month beforehand, titled, The Healing Organization. In addition to connecting with high caliber and quality peer leaders throughout the Summit, participants will hear from and work with business leaders featured in his book to explore how to turn their own businesses into Healing Organizations.

Improving the Practice of Conscious Capitalism

Last year, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. piloted several programs to help business leaders better understand Conscious Capitalism in action and help them put it into practice in their businesses. This included “Sight Visits” to companies like Barry-Wehmiller and Greyston Bakery, speaking engagements at conferences and businesses, and workshops on Conscious Capitalism for organizations who wanted to go in-depth.

In 2019, we are scaling this up even more with:

CCU – We have launched CCU — designed to help you solve the challenges of practicing Conscious Capitalism; all CCU offerings are built with YOU in mind. CCU provides learning opportunities for individual Conscious Capitalists to go deeper in their practice and application of the Conscious Capitalist Credo and the four principles of Conscious Capitalism…and this is just the beginning. Wherever you are on your journey as a Conscious Capitalist, CCU offerings will help you get to the heart of your practice. We currently have two CCU offerings available: Inner.U, an online course to support your conscious leadership development, and the Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification Program; we will launch more offerings throughout the year.

Learning Labs & Immersive Experiences – In-person gatherings to help business leaders put Conscious Capitalism in action. You can enroll now in Awakening Conscious Leadership by diving deep into a one-day CCU Learning Lab and 6-month learning that will take you on a personal journey to identify your soul’s calling and uncover the practical pathways to help you achieve those higher goals through your business. And for CEOs and Founders, we have a special invitation for you to join us on an Immersive Learning Exchange on The Founder’s Journey, a fully immersive exploration into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Conscious Capitalism in ActionOn our new website, you can also find tools and resources that will help elevate your story and experiences as a Conscious Capitalist around the world. We invite you to share your personal story, and the story of your company; use The Speaker Connection to request and refer speakers for events; and join the Global Conscious Capitalism Sight Visit Network of businesses around the world who are changing the practice and perception of business as a force for good. Share your company’s story with the community that surrounds your office. Conscious Capitalism, Inc. will provide you with an agenda, talking points, slide-deck, press release and more to support you in hosting a successful Sight Visit at your business. You and your team will have the opportunity to offer first-hand access and direct exposure to the operational tactics of living and leading a conscious business. Together, we will spread your story and highlight your business as a model of Conscious Capitalism in action.

For those who want to learn more about what this means and looks like, you’ll get a taste of all this at Conscious Capitalism’s conferences and gatherings throughout the world.

Celebrating the Stories and Sharing Best Practices of Conscious Capitalists

We want to share your story with others.

  • Marketing – CCI is ramping up our marketing of what is going on in the Conscious Capitalism movement, both what we are doing as an organization and how the leaders in our global network of conscious businesses are making an impact.
  • PR – This past year, CCI placed over 100 media hits on the Conscious Capitalism movement and our community members. This year, we are going to do even more to help Conscious Capitalists receive the recognition they should and inspire others to join us on the conscious leadership journey.
  • CC Press – We are thrilled to have partnered with Round Table Companies to launch Conscious Capitalism Press. In 2019, we will begin to publish books aligned with Conscious Capitalism’s principles to build out the thought leadership of Conscious Capitalism and provide more material for others to learn about how conscious business is a force for good that is elevating humanity around the world. Look out for books from Safwan Shah, Sunny Vanderbeck, and others launching soon. If you want to be one of our founding authors, learn more here. Join us for the CC Press Launch Event at the 2019 CCAC!

Conscious Capitalism Business Partnerships

CCI is rolling out a new partnership program to recognize businesses that are on the conscious journey, provide them with support to deepen their practice of Conscious Capitalism, and to share their best practices with others in the global business community. We now have a badge for Conscious Capitalism Partners to use online and in print as an outward symbol of our shared commitment to this movement, but this partnership will be more than just that. It will be an active and engaged relationship with Conscious Capitalism, Inc. that will provide support for the business in furthering its conscious journey, and each business will be working with Conscious Capitalism, Inc. to build the depth and breadth of our community.

  • Online Application – If you are interested in becoming a Conscious Capitalism Partner in 2019, you can apply here.
  • New Benefits – Conscious Capitalism Partners will receive access to more events, learning & development resources from other Partners, and celebration of their Conscious Capitalist journey like this month’s featured partner, EchoPark Automotive.
  • Longtime Supporters – I want to thank our current Conscious Capitalism Partners for their support in 2018 and over the years who have contributed to the birth of the Conscious Capitalism movement.

Most of all, I want to thank you for all that you are doing to build the Conscious Capitalism movement. You helped make 2018 our best year yet. And with your help, we are going to have an even better 2019!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love & gratitude,

Alexander McCobin
CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.