Bold Ideas About Changes In Capitalism By Doug Rauch On Cutting Edge Consciousness

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Capitalism is at the crossroads of two conflicting philosophies—the dilemma of doing well by doing good or doing good by doing well.

“Simply looking to maximize shareholder value is dangerous,” according to Doug Rauch, the former President of Trader Joes, who currently serves as the CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Getting as much as one can, for as little as possible, is not good business. It seems that these hosts and this guest believe that the world is ready for a new way of doing business, where goodwill is the bottom line and reciprocating is the highest order of business priority.

In a compelling interview with Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels on the Cutting Edge Consciousness ( radio program, Rauch stated, “Business, properly executed, is the most powerful system for progress and human cooperation ever conceived.”

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