BOLD TV to Broadcast Live from CCAC2018

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A message from Carrie Sheffield about BOLD TV’s live broadcast from the 2018 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference. 

We agree with the premise of Conscious Capitalism that making money is essential for the health of a business, but it’s not the only—or even the most important—reason a business exists. Conscious businesses focus on their purpose beyond profit.

At Bold, we strive our hardest as a digital television network to incorporate the principles of Conscious Capitalism in everything we do. We know that a truly altruistic society is one that creates a long-term, sustainable system for maximizing human happiness through voluntary exchange. And we wouldn’t be where we are today without the extraordinary vision, drive and compassion of Al Roker, whose production team at Al Roker Entertainment brought Bold TV to life. A broadcasting pioneer, Al’s career embodies the values of Conscious Capitalism: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.

Bold’s Higher Purpose is to help transform our digitally-native society to build a more perfect union. Our Stakeholder Orientation ensures that each and every guest appearing on Bold Politics, Bold Business and Bold Life programming is respected, heard and amplified. We strive for Conscious Leadership to grow social capital and embrace diversity in every sense: gender, racial, geographic, sexual orientation, generational, educational, income, and more. Conscious Culture is an energizing and unifying force, one that truly brings a Conscious Business to life. That’s the culture we strive for at Bold.

I had the privilege of interviewing John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods Market and co-author of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, for Bold TV in 2016. He told me then: “I’m an idealist in terms of what’s possible. I mean I want to make the world a better place. But you have to do that in a sort of pragmatic fashion. Not a utopian transformation, there’s not going to be a new human being that’s going to pop up; that human nature ceases to exist.”

Earlier this year, we also had the privilege of sitting down with John’s Conscious Capitalism co-author, Raj Sisodia at our studios in New York to share with our viewers the potential Conscious Capitalism has to truly elevate humanity through business by finding purpose in profitable work.

I’m thrilled that Bold will be working with Al Roker Entertainment and GenFKD to broadcast live at this year’s Conscious Capitalism Conference in Dallas, Texas. Each day we’ll bring you a Live reacap with exclusive interviews at 5pm CST/6pm EST April 30 – May 2. We’ll be learning more from notable CEOs, thought leaders and other prominent Conscious Capitalists about how we can tap into both purpose and profit, that sweet spot where pragmatism meets idealism.

Check out our Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference promotional overview with Al Roker, and we hope you’ll join us live for our daily recaps.

See you there!

Carrie Sheffield is founder and co-host of Bold, a digital news network committed to bipartisan dialogue & innovation for people, business & communities.