CCAC2018 Keynote: Carrie Freeman Parsons

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Freeman Co. is the world’s largest brand experience company. This year’s Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference will be the largest gathering of purpose-driven business leaders in the world. So, nobody more appropriate to talk about how to grow engaging experiences with the organizational brand dedicated to elevating humanity through business than the vice chair of Freeman Co., Carrie Freeman Parsons.

It also helps that Carrie is a Conscious Capitalism, Inc. board member emeritus, who has tons of insights and lessons learned from managing dramatic growth inside a purpose-driven company to share with the community. Learn more about Carrie and the family business started by her grandfather 90 years ago, and how she’s baked Conscious Capitalism into their culture when they started to transform a $1 billion trade show company into the $3 billion global brand experience firm they are today. Then, make plans to join us in Dallas April 30 through May 2 for the best Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference yet!