CCI’s response to the injustice of racism

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To the Conscious Capitalism Community: 

Like you and our entire country, I am still processing the horrific events surrounding George Floyd’s death and the subsequent protests calling for an end to the long history of systemic racism in our society. I am a white man and I am angry, frustrated, and sad. Over this past week, the Conscious Capitalism, Inc. team has been reflecting on the Conscious Capitalist Credo and its application today, which I’d like to share with you:

A statement is not enough. And we know we have a part to play. To draw upon another line from the Conscious Capitalist Credo, “[W]e can aspire to even more.”  

In alignment with our philosophy, our next step will be to speak with our stakeholders to have important conversations and inform our commitments and actions to make a meaningful impact in ending the injustices of racism. This will include conversations with:

  • The Conscious Capitalism movement’s Business Leaders who are the ones turning the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism into action,
  • Community and Chapter Leadership Teams who activate the movement in local communities,
  • Board of Directors who guide the movement,
  • Staff who operationalize infrastructure for the movement, and
  • Ally individuals and organizations who are on this journey as well.

Over the next few weeks we will be holding calls and forums with our stakeholders. Our team will be listening and learning, as well as doing our own personal work. 

We do not have all the answers. And there is a long road ahead. But, we are committed to working together with our stakeholders to fulfill the vision set forth in our Credo. 

Thank you for working with us. Together, we can aspire to even more.

Alexander McCobin
Conscious Capitalism, Inc.