Forbes: It’s Time To Put Freedom Back Into Free Enterprise

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The freedom train has left the station, my friends. If you’re a business leader, you better track that train down, leap aboard and learn how to conduct the right type of freedom throughout your business ecosystem. If you don’t, your company and your career may soon hurtle off the rails.

We’ve arrived at a point where free enterprise is on nearly everyone’s minds. And, regardless of our politics, there are two thoughts most of us share. The first is that we remain deeply attached to the principles of free enterprise and the ideal of free markets. We continue to view capitalism as the best system for enabling global progress and prosperity. The second thought is that capitalism isn’t quite working right; it’s broken. As more business and thought leaders recognize that capitalism needs a fix, I want to make sure that we’re on the right track. Why? Because there’s never before been more riding on getting freedom right in our capitalistic endeavors and markets. [Continue Reading at Forbes]