Embracing Optimism with Bert Jacobs

Life is Good is an apparel and lifestyle brand based in Boston, MA that supports their employees, customers, and communities through powerful messages of optimism and gratitude. As a team they embrace the core values of authenticity, compassion, creativity, courage, gratitude, humor, love, openness, and simplicity to frame the work they do to both grow the business and increase their positive impact on society.

Bert Jacobs, Life is Good’s Co-Founder & CEO, gave the opening keynote at the 2021 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, telling the story of how the company he founded with his brother has used optimism as its framing value. Bert credits his positive world view and the embracing of other timeless values with the continued success of his business, having grown revenue from $3M to over $160M since its founding three decades ago.

This keynote was recorded at the 2021 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit on October 5, 2021 in Austin, TX. This annual, invitation-only gathering of CEOs, Presidents, and Founders, provides the opportunity for three days of in-depth, peer-to-peer sharing among Conscious Leaders. Nominate a Conscious Leader to attend: