Present Company

Being present is more than just a trendy catchphrase. In Present Company, Timothy Dukes and Michael Landers reveal how the art of presence can enhance your creativity, productivity, and engagement-ensuring that you enter any situation with confidence and a newfound awareness.

As a transformative resource, the authors introduce the four powers of presence-Induction, Awareness, Authenticity, and Connection-the key to cultivating cultures of high performance in teams and organizations. Through Induction, you’ll learn how to enter a moment with the right mindset. With Awareness, your mind is trained to hold space for differing opinions and perceptions. By risking Authenticity, you explore vulnerability and truth while fostering Connection-true engagement. By bringing these powers into focus, leaders can create dynamic and welcoming cultures that maximize their teams’ potential.

This book is for those who take responsibility for fostering growth and change with the intention to overcome obstacles, communicate successfully, and pave the way for their families, teams, or organizations to take success to the next level.