Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Adds Lynne Twist and Ron Shaich to Board of Directors

Lynne Twist and Ron Shaich

Soul of Money Institute and Act III Holdings

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Conscious Capitalism, Inc., the nonprofit corporation dedicated to elevating humanity through business, announced today the addition of two new board of directors, Lynne Twist (Co-Founder of Pachamama Alliance, Founder of the Soul of Money Institute and author of award-winning book, “The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life”) and Ron Shaich (Founder and Former Chairman & CEO of Panera Bread and now Managing Partner of Act III Holdings).

Lynne Twist is a global visionary recognized for her commitment to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability. Lynne has global hands-on experience leading the philanthropy of some of the most successful business leaders.  Her work with the Soul of Money Institute has impacted over 100,000 people in 50 countries. Lynne’s expertise on fundraising with integrity, conscious philanthropy, strategic visioning and creating a healthy relationship with money aligns with Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s increased initiatives in learning and development, which is a key part of the organization’s growth plans.

“I am honored to join the board of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. I have long admired John Mackey and Raj Sisodia for the leadership they are providing for companies all over the world. There are many people who challenge the very system of capitalism and there may be some validity to that, but given that that is the system we are living in, it is my intention and commitment to support business leaders in doing their work at the highest levels of consciousness, responsibility and integrity. I think the work of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is vital at this pivotal time in history and it is my privilege to serve the Conscious Capitalism movement in every way that I can. Thank you.”  – Lynne Twist

Ron Shaich is committed to long-term value and demonstrated this and the principles of Conscious Capitalism through Panera Bread, the best performing restaurant stock of the past 20 years, generating annualized returns of over 25% and delivering total shareholder returns of 44 times better than the S&P 500 from July 18, 1997 to July 18, 2017 all while building on values of clean, nutrient-rich and enjoyable food, caring for stakeholders and giving back to the community. Ron is now embarking on a journey to invest in public and private restaurants that are driving long-term value creation as Managing Partner of Act III Holdings. Ron’s involvement in the Conscious Capitalism movement and expertise in leading conscious business growth lends itself well to Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s strategic goal of building community with like-minded business leaders.

“I was a Conscious Capitalist before I ever heard the term. This is my tribe, and more than that, it is a cause that I believe in. I’m excited to join the board of Conscious Capitalism to deepen my support for this important movement.” – Ron Shaich

Lynne Twist and Ron Schaich are speakers at the upcoming 2019 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference taking place April 23-25 in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more about Lynne Twist and Ron Shaich.

“I am honored that Lynne and Ron are providing their guidance, reputations, and time to build the Conscious Capitalism movement. As with Conscious Capitalism more broadly, these two have distinguished and diverse careers, coming from both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Their expertise and commitment to this cause will be invaluable in our work to elevate humanity through business.”  – Alexander McCobin, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. CEO

The addition of Lynne Twist and Ron Shaich to the Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Board of Directors will enhance Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s reach in the global community and help to reinforce the learning and development capabilities of the organization as it seeks to support business leaders’ practice of Conscious Capitalism.