Hot-as-Hell – Elevating Humanity Through Business

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Sharleen Ernster didn’t name her start-up business Hot-as-Hell just because it was a catchy brand moniker for an ultra-sexy fashion line.  Rather, Sharleen’s desire to bring major change to the business of fashion is the actual purposeful meaning behind the name.

With Hot-as-Hell , Sharleen wanted to raise the bar in elevated apparel. She believed that a designer brand could aspire to be more, specifically more sensible, more sustainable and more attainable.

To that end, she set out to work with only vendors who are known for their socially and ecologically conscious practices. Her designs would be eco-friendly and she would make it a priority to pursue sustainable initiatives. Hot-as-Hell would also commit to minimizing waste through smarter usage of resources and raw materials.

In an industry typically known for being concerned more about short term trends than long-term impact, Sharleen wanted to build a fashion company that did more than just “talk the talk,” but actually “walked the walk.” To her, that is what would make the brand truly “Hot as Hell.”

We invite you to learn more about Sharleen’s and Hot-as-Hell’s story below. We are grateful to our partners at Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles who produced the three initial videos in this “Elevating Humanity through Business” series. Have you seen the inspiring We First and L.A. Kitchen stories yet?

You can also learn more about Sharleen’s journey to and experience with practicing Conscious Capitalism through CCLA’s additional Q&A videos.