HufPost: Reframing the Game: On the Pivotal Role of Business in Driving Societal and Systemic Transformation

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The world faces enormous challenges, from poverty to food security and climate change. For too long business sat on the sidelines, unable or unwilling to be part of the solution to these systemic challenges. This is changing — as the limitations of governments in resolving these critical issues becomes increasingly apparent, as citizens increasingly demand change, and as the cost of inaction starts to exceed the cost of action.

The drive to meet these challenges comes not only from a moral standpoint, but also with a strong commercial imperative — and that is why a growing number of enlightened businesses are stepping up to the plate. Three-quarters of the largest companies in the world have set clear social and environmental goals, 4000 now report on CO2 emissions, and 50 of the top 200 have an internal price for carbon. A major shift in our model of commerce is already underway.

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